About Us

by deepcutslive

Since its launch, Deep Cuts Live has set out to offer readers and listeners something different. As a writer, I’m responsible for delivering engaging and informative stories and the people I interview live interesting lives and have built amazing businesses and created innovative products that line store shelves. The problem is that typically, the story you read in a magazine, blog, or website is only part of the story and a lot ends up on the cutting room floor after editing. That’s where the idea for Deep Cuts Live came from–a chance for me to revisit some of the people, businesses and people I’ve written about or have interviewed in the past. There’s also some news or small stories of things that interest me but may not have had a place for in the past. This is an evolving project that’s bound to take many unexpected twists and turns and one one that will feature some interesting conversations that haven’t been had before.

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