Episode 114: Brandon Oveson, Apostate Cigars

by deepcutslive
Deep Cuts Live | Episode 114: Brandon Oveson, Apostate Cigars

In this episode of Deep Cuts Live with host Antoine Reid, Brandon Oveson shares how he and his business partner turned a challenging life situation into a unique brand. Brandon and his business partner, Kendrick, were once Mormons but left the religion and were branded apostates, which is someone who renounces a religion, political belief or principle. In search of a community to be a part of, both found cigars to provide them both comfort and a group of people they could relate to. Learn how Brandon and Kendrick founded Apostate Cigars and brought it to life during the pandemic with the help of Jochy Blanco and Tabaclaera Palma. Brandon discusses the different Apostate Cigars lines including the Initiatory, Deseret, and the Liahona. Brandon also shares why figuring out your “why” is necessary for success in any business.



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