United Cigar Group and Rojas to Release Elote Firecracker

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United Cigar Group | Firecracker Elote

United Cigars is adding to its holiday Firecracker collaborations with the addition of the Elote Firecracker, made with Rojas Cigars for Cinco de May 2023. Elote, pronounced “E-Lo-Tay,” is a famous Mexican dish more commonly known as Sweet Corn in the U.S.–a small, flavorful snack comprised of grilled corn that’s been smothered in sauce, sprinkled cheese, and cilantro. Like this treat, United Cigars blends big flavor in its Firecracker brand.

Firecracker was first launched in 2007. It was the first cigar released on the market with a long piece of tobacco at the head that is shaped like a wick or fuse, building off of the “Firecracker” theme. After a few years on the market, these limited release Firecrackers came to life as United Cigars collaborated with a new manufacturer every year to create a celebration cigar for Independence Day. This year, United Cigars is extending its holiday collaboration with the Elote Firecracker, made with the help of Noel Rojas.

“Street Taco came about from my love for traditional Mexican street food and cigars,” Rojas reveals. “The Elote Firecracker is a brilliant compliment to this blend.”

Oliver Nivaud, director of operations for United Cigars, added: “Worlds collided when I first smoked the Street Taco from Rojas. My love of street tacos is well known, and the Elote Firecracker now completes my cravings as a smokable antojito.”

The Elote Firecracker was made at Tabacalera Flor de San Luis in Nicaragua. It features an Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan filler. It will come in 16-count boxes with each cigar having a suggested retail price of $8. Only 2,300 Elote Firecracker cigars were made, totaling 200 boxes.

This cigar will begin shipping to retailers on April 17, 2023.

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