Indiana Ortez Launches Casa de Ortez

by deepcutslive
Indiana Ortez | Casa de Ortez

Indiana Ortez has announced that she is launching her own company, Casa De Ortez, which will celebrate the quality and experience of Nicaragua’s oldest tobacco company. Indiana is the youngest of the third generation of the Ortez tobacco family that’s based in Condega, Nicaragua.

Indiana Ortez, who has become known for her cigar blending skills, has dedicated herself to telling the world the story that began with her grandfather when he launched the Ortez family’s first farm in Condega many decades ago. Encouraged by her family, Indiana has launched her first company hat will give consumers worldwide the best of the Ortez family’s vertically-integrated business. As she works alongside her father, uncles, aunts and siblings, Indiana continues to tell her family’s story, rich in Nicaraguan heritage, one quality cigar at a time.

“One of the more important things I have learned is in tobacco you have to do things correctly to last. Casa De Ortez is the way the history of my family and our work can be told and shared. I am so excited to finally launch and work even closer alongside my family, and I will humbly try to do Condega justice and work to make it a household name for cigar enjoyers everywhere,” Indiana shared in a press release.

Casa De Ortez’s products are expected to launch in the spring of 2023. Primavera will be the first brand released by Casa de Ortez and it will be available in their vitals and blends that have already been completed by Ortez.

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