Episode 134: Allen Sanabria, Family x Loyalty Cigars

by deepcutslive
Deep Cuts Live | Episode 134: Allen Sanabria, Family x Loyalty Cigars

If you’re bored with the typical name-brand cigars, this podcast will inspire you to venture into the unknown and explore the world of boutique cigars! This week’s Deep Cuts Live features special guest Allen Sanabria, co-owner of Family X Loyalty Cigars.

Over five years ago, Sanabria and his business partner launched a pipe accessory designed for use with premium cigars. After nine months, Allen set out to create his premium cigar brand. With the help of Blackbird Cigar Co.’s factory, they blended their cigar and launched their own company into the market. A trademark dispute led to a rebrand as Family x Loyalty, revitalizing their efforts.

Allen Sanabria and Deep Cuts Live host Antoine Reid talk about boutique cigars or non-mainstream cigars. Learn why considering these unique brands could help you find a brand and product you like.



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